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The Association of Architects for the Defense and Intervention in the Architectural Heritage (AADIPA) of the COAC organizes, for next Saturday, July 2, 2022, a visit to Domenech’s works of Reus, as preparatory visits for the next XLV Curset. International Conference on Intervention in Architectural Heritage to be held this December, this year is entitled “Domènech i Montaner. Thoroughly”.

The visit is programmed to make all the trips between buildings on foot, but the long section can also be done by private car.

The Paseo de la Boca de la Mina will be visited, accompanied by the municipal architect of Reus Gabriel Bosques, with whom we will also visit the Vell deposit in Reus.

Next, the gardens and public space of the Institut Pere i Mata will be visited accompanied by Roger Anguera, head of Infrastructures of the IPM and VB.

Afterwards, we will travel to the center of the city, and visit Casa Rull, headquarters of the Reus Municipal Institute of Cultural Action, accompanied by Joan Figuerola, the architect responsible for the restoration of the building in 1989-1992.

Finally, there will be a guided tour of Casa Navàs accompanied by Joan Tous, the architect responsible for the restoration of the 2021 capcer, and a visit to the Plaça Mercadal anti-aircraft shelter.

+information and regsitration on AADIPA website

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