Lluís Domènech i Montaner

Objectives of the Foundation

The Lluís Domènech i Montaner Foundation is born with a will to recover, study and disseminate the personality and the oeuvre of one of the most influential and representative figures in the second half of the nineteenth century and first quarter of the twentieth century.

Despite being distinguished by an exceptional career, his biography has remained inexplicably overlooked, underestimated even, in comparison with the strong media presence of other historical and artistic figures. Aware of the values and of the importance that the recovery and recognition of such unique characters and their context entail for our present moment in time, a numerous group of researchers, academicians, professors, historians, writers and, above all, relatives and general admirers of his work have fostered the creation of a cultural entity that intends to rescue his memory from this unfair neglect, disseminate his works, ideas, writings, and his artistic and architectural oeuvre.
On an international scale, the Foundation aspires to disseminate Domènech’s oeuvre as a foremost example of modernisme, Catalan Art Nouveau, highlighting its connections and complicities with coeval cultural movements around Europe.

It also hopes to shed light on his multifaceted contributions, of the utmost contemporaneity, his undeniable progressiveness and surprising capacity for creation and innovation.

The Foundation’s website is set up as a collaborative platform to promote connections between the academic, scientific, professional and civic fields, based on the scientific rigour and intellectual clarity of the information made freely available to interested audiences. The guiding principle of the Foundation is to carry out its task purposely, responsibly, freely, independently and empathetically for the common good and in social interest.


Sr. D. Lluís Domènech Girbau

First Vice-President
Sr. D. Pere Xirau Espàrrech, concejal de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Canet de Mar

Second Vice-President
Open position

Third Vice-President
Sra. Dña. Mireia Freixa Serra

Sra. Dña. Maria Manadé Palau


Sra. Dña. Maria Mercè Domènech Casellas
Sra. Dña. Maria Victòria Domènech Casellas

Sr. D. Lluís Enrique Domènech Casellas
Sr. D. Carles Duarte Montserrat
Sr. D. Josep Muntañola Thornberg, RACBASJ
Sr. D. Pepe Serra i Villalba, MNAC
Sra. Dña. Pilar Vélez Vicente, dHUB Museu del Disseny
Sr. D. Màxim Blasco Font de Rubinat
Sr. D. Antoni José Pitarch
Sr. D. Antoni Ramon Graells,  ETSAB
Sr. D. Fernando Marzá Pérez, COAC
Sra. Dña. Teresa M. Sala Garcia
Sra. Dña. Montserrat Roca Campillo
Sr. D. Gerardo Garcia-Ventosa López
Sr. D. Enrique Campuzano Ruiz
Sra. Dña. Alegria Bofill Guardia

Honorary Committee
Sra. Dña. Blanca Arbell Brugarola



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