Sant Joan, 29,Reus

Pere Gasull i Roig


Oil seller Fèlix Gasull commissioned from Domènech the construction of premises to accommodate a warehouse and offices for his business on the ground floor, and living space for his two children on the upper floors. Domènech’s son Pere Domènech i Roura was one of the site managers. Rull House, on the adjacent site, had been built by Domènech himself ten years earlier. The two owners of Gasull House were involved in a lawsuit concerning the height of the house built by Pere Gasull, as it limited the amount of light that entered his neighbour’s house.

In this work Domènech emphasised the cubic volume, creating plain façades devoid of sculptural decoration yet featuring sgraffiti and ceramic mosaic, closer in style to the aesthetic models of Noucentisme that were more serene and restrained than those characterising Modernisme. The building stands on a corner and has three façades. The whole ground floor area, reserved for business premises and office space, was greater in depth than the upper floors, thus creating a wide terrace. The ground floor was built in ashlar masonry, while the two upper floors were decorated in sgraffito with plant motifs – olive branches – in reference to the owner’s business. The lack of relief on the stone frames and capitals emphasises the flatness of the façades. Large mosaic panels of glazed ceramic decorate the interior of the round tympana with roundels. The balconies have glazed ceramic balustrades crowned by stone capitals, also devoid of relief. Some of the woodwork, the cement tiles and ceramic dado rails in the interior of the building have been preserved.

Today the family oil business continues to be run from the ground floor of the house, while the upper floors are still used as living quarters.


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