C/Canonge Martínez 3-5, Lleida

Francesc Macià


Francesc Macià, a military and political engineer who became president of the Catalan government, commissioned from Lluís Domènech i Montaner the interior refurbishment of his home in Lleida, the Macià mansion. Macià was the brother-in-law of Pau Font de Rubinat, with whom Domènech had ties of friendship and political connections. The existing building was an eclectic country house surrounded by a garden. Surviving photographs show Domènech’s work in the hall, on the staircase and, above all, in the main living room. A large stone fireplace sculpted by Eusebi Arnau, today on display at the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC), served as a mullion dividing arched openings with stained-glass windows that lit the room. The space had a wooden dado rail richly decorated with marquetry and was covered by a coffered ceiling. In 1924 the building became the Montserrat Clinic, and during the Spanish Civil War it was used as a provisional hospital; it would subsequently be converted into a school. By the seventies, the structure had aged considerably and the heirs of the Macià family had the fireplace and a few stained-glass windows dismantled and transferred to the MNAC. In the early eighties the building was knocked down; the wooden coffered ceiling in the main living room was dismantled and now occupies a room in Lleida Town Hall. A block of flats was subsequently built on the site.


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