Historical Archive of the College of Architects of Catalonia (AHCOAC)

The documentary collection of Lluís Domènech i Montaner is on deposit at the Historical Archive of the College of Architects of Catalonia thanks to two donations made by the Domènech family. The first gift, in the year 2000, contained most of the documentation, which was completed by the second gift in 2014. The collection bequeathed also included documents from the archive of architect Pere Domènech Roura, Lluís Domènech i Montaner’s son, who worked with his father on a number of projects and theoretical studies.

The Domènech i Montaner legacy consists of an impressive number of documents: plans, drawings, original diagrams and sketches, not only of his architectural projects but also of his works in the field of graphic arts. It also contains index cards and photographs (on glass plaques and on paper) and documentary compilations from his period as director of the Barcelona School of Architecture, especially his exhaustive fieldwork documenting the Catalan Romanesque.
The range of his intellectual interests is reflected in several methodological compilations of information: technical index cards with data on over two hundred and thirty hospitals around the world, descriptive cards and sketches studies of sumptuary arts, hundreds of postcards from all over Spain and Europe painstakingly arranged in alphabetical order, descriptive cards and photographs of artistic elements and activities (ceramics, sculpture, excursions, wrought iron, carpentry, glyptics, clothing, jewellery, marine scenes, metalwork, furniture, etc.). The archive also contains an extensive heraldry section, a study to which he devoted the last years of his life with the help of his children and featured in several publications.

The collection is currently being digitised. This research can be accessed at here

The catalogue can be consulted at here

The donation included over five hundred 500 items from Domènech’s personal library that have been transferred to the library of the College of Architects of Catalonia (COAC). They include books on the history of art and architecture, books on architectural technique and construction, and treatises and theoretical texts on architecture. However, among many other subjects we also find volumes dedicated to heraldry, ships, mediaeval weapons, agricultural irrigation techniques, travel guides, exhibition catalogues, literary tomes, etc. The library includes books in Catalan, Spanish, German, French, English and, occasionally, other European languages.
Lluís Domènech i Montaner’s personal library can be consulted at here




Historical Archive of Sant Pau Hospital
Exhaustive documentation of the design of the former hospital grounds: plans, diagrams, photographs, work logs, certifications and correspondence.
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Canet de Mar House Museum
The house preserves numerous items and objects: plaster casts of sculptures, ceramics, stained-glass windows and furniture.
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Lluís Domènech i Montaner Studies Centre
Lluís Domènech i Montaner Studies Centre has custodianship of a digital documentary archive and a photographic archive of Domènech’s works, that includes both historical and present images of existing buildings.
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Documentation Centre of the Palace of Music – Catalan Chorus Group
The Documentation Centre of the Palace of Music – Catalan Chorus Group (CEDOC) has custodianship of the architect’s musical library and collections of printed musical scores, along with a significant part of the archive created for the activities of the Catalan Chorus and the Palace of Music, with handwritten and photographic documentation of the construction of the Palace of Music building.
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Pere i Mata Historical Archive
Despite the fact that a great part of this archive is missing, a few original plans of the project have been preserved.
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Higher Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona and Gaudí Chair
Domènech’s academic record can be consulted in this archive, as well as other documentation related to his period as director of the Barcelona School of Architecture during more than forty years. The documental compilation of Domènech’s oeuvre made by Joan Bassegoda Nonell in the framework of his studies on Catalan Art Nouveau can be consulted at the Gaudí Chair, along with the compilation of a few original designs.
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Contemporary Municipal Archive of Barcelona
Administrative documents concerning the processing of licences, photographic documentation of Barcelona designs and other historical documents of reference can be consulted.



Canet de Mar Municipal Archive
This archive preserves the administrative records of the city, together with compilations of manuscripts and photographs on Domènech i Montaner and his oeuvre.


Reus Municipal Archive
This archive preserves the administrative records of the city.


Palma de Majorca Municipal Archive
This archive preserves the administrative records of the city’s works.



Badalona Municipal Archive
This archive preserves the administrative records of the city’s works.


Comillas Foundation






Photographic Archive of the Excursionist Centre of Catalonia (CEC)
The Digital Memory of Catalunya (MDC) portal enables online consultation of the photographic documentation of Domènech’s works.


Amatller Institute Foundation of Hispanic Art
This archive preserves photographic documentation by Adolf Mas of works by Domènech and of his travels (Adolf Mas accompanied Domènech on his journeys to study the Romanesque).


Photographic Archive of Barcelona (AFB)
Although its collection has not yet been completely digitised, the AFB online catalogue has made numerous photographs of Domènech’s works over time available for consultation.


National Archive of Catalonia (ANC)
Photographic documentation of Domènech’s works over the years can be consulted in the online catalogue of the ANC.



Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC)
The museum’s online catalogue enables visitors to consult artworks originally designed for the architect’s buildings (the fireplace and stained-glass windows of Macià House) and illustrations made by Domènech’s usual collaborators (such as the interior design proposals made by Gaspar Homar for Lleó Morera House).



Municipal Archive of Esplugues de Llobregat (AMEL)
Commercial and Entrepreneurial Collections Pujol i Bausis 11.01. This collection contains catalogues of ceramics manufactured in the Pujol i Bausis factory, some of which were designed by Domènech.




Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Sant Jordi (RABASJ)
The historical archive of the Catalan fine arts academy preserves records of Domènech’s activity as an academician.



General Administration Archive (AGA)
This archive contains administrative documentation referring to Domènech’s academic record as a student of architecture in Madrid, and as a teacher and director of the Barcelona School of Architecture over more than forty years.



Disseny Hub Barcelona
The archive of the Barcelona design museum preserves documents drawn up by Domènech’s collaborators in the fields of arts and crafts, as well as industrial catalogues and reference monographs on artistic techniques and the applied arts.



Arxiu Històric de la Ciutat de Barcelona
Conserva alguna documentació de projectes de Domènech i Montaner per l’Exposició Universal (l’Hotel Internacional i el Cafè Restaurant), així com el Fons personal de l’arquitecte amb l’estudi de l’Armorial Historich de Catalunya (codi de classificació AHCB3-307/5D77). Aquest fons aplega notes, fixes, i esborranys relacionats amb els seus estudis històrics sobre els escuts i llinatges. Les dates extremes d’aquests fons són del 1899 al 1902 i es pot consultar a través del catàleg en línia.

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