Roura House


Carrer Ample, 1, Canet de Mar

Jacint Capmany i la seva esposa Francesca Roura

Anys 80
Com a restaurant


In 1889, Lluís Domènech’s sister-in-law and her husband, Francesca Roura and Jacint Capmany, commissioned a summer villa from the architect that was eventually built in 1891.

he building has a rectangular ground plan and a gable roof, with face-brick façades and a circular tower on the corner crowned by a conical dome covered in ceramic scales. The tower that moves the façade, reinforced by a continuous balcony-cum-terrace, had previousy been employed by Domènech in the Canet athenaeum, and would be a frequent solution in other projects of his. The villa has a ground floor and first floor, and the central area contains a large dining hall at two heights covered by an impressive wooden roof bow in the form of an inverted naval construction. The rest of the building’s horizontal structure, the other wrought-iron elements and the balconies are metallic structures.

Extensive decorative applied arts are found throughout the interior and exterior of the house: glazed ceramics, mosaic paving, woodwork, wrought iron, stone sculpture, etc. The ceramics are by Josep Ros and Pau Pujol. The ornamental references to the mediaeval world are continuous, and the front and back façades, for example, have a terraced pediment inspired by Central European mediaeval types.

Today the building houses a restaurant.



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